The story begins in alignment with your desire and decision to build a book that will finally bring your gifts into this world.



You may be a Visioneer, a True-Heart or another one of my author-preneur types from the quiz.

Whether you are thriving as an online coach at the intersection of business, and transformational learning or intending that your book springboards your business you need:

  • An appointment with yourself looks like a mistake in your calendar.
  • You have stopped adding "Write My Book" to your To Do List (yet it's a resolution year after year.)
  • You know your readers urgently need the book only you can put in their hands.
  • That's because they, too, are being called to get on with their work in the world!

Because you took The Writer's Gift Quiz I know you need just the right authorship group for satisfaction and success:

-no bullshit

-an affordable step-by-step process to help you write a ready-to-publish book,

-a trust-worthy source of feedback and guidance,

-camaraderie to keep it fun, relatable, and lively (isolation is neither helpful nor healthy) and

-a proven process that calls in the readers who are already searching for your message or who grok your vibe, and

-a reliable, magical, holistic coach and mentor to assure that everyone in the group is productive and prolific.


Then, with your book completed, you'll soon have an inbox full of love notes from adoring fans and invitations to do interviews!


Watch the short video below, then read the soulmate FAQ that follows to learn more.

"I'm sure the video is lovely, but PLEASE just give me the Details NOW!"

Energy Healer and Author- Colleen McCann

Soulmate Book-Builder- "Six reasons I'm writing my book with Judy. One is, she never fails me."


Colleen understands.

You need more




- Q. "I WANT to write my book and so far haven't done a thing, How will Judy help me stay connected enough to finish each phase of my book?"
- A. Judy gives us 90-Minute Group Mentoring for 3 of the 4 weeks each month. Then with that one week a month, I get caught up, PLUS Judy offers feedback and ideas in my Google doc. Q's and A's are unlimited in her book-build system.)


- Q. "How does the group process address my need for clarity and flexible scheduling?

- A. You feel motivated to bring something to the group, but you can start and stop working at any time of the day or night. We each work at our own speed and share when we have something significant to share. By the way, the entire course curriculum is available in the modules on her website, so you see it all or just grab a piece at a time to work on without getting overwhelmed by having everything in your face all the time. The Google Doc template is your private workspace, 100% customizable.


- Q. "How will I receive the specific feedback and guidance I need?"

-A. Each week, Book Group Members share reads, post accountability pieces, and receive comments. Whether live on Zoom in the Coaching Session or in between sessions via the Private FB Community. PLUS Judy responds to you directly inside your private Google Doc.


- Q. "What about PRIVATE TIME to focus on my work?"

- A. Judy offers One Individual VIP Master Session during the year at no extra charge (This is a savings of about $1200.00!)

LAGNIAPPE (surprise extras)

- Optional office hours are included when you need a focused answer so you can move on with your work without delay. Just schedule a free session-

- I provide Private Access and infinitely customizable systems to help you to write, sequence, sort, and store your work and coordinate throughout the life of your project.- 

- If you don't think of yourself as a "Writer" writer or marketing is not your thing, my geeked-out wired-in writing, and marketing mastery mind is yours for the asking-

- Uber-Professional followthrough plus time-savers and easy-flow actions. 

- While I'm not a publisher, with my expertise and book proposal mentoring, you'll be ahead of the game when you go to a publisher-

- Lean into my strategic expertise to name, title, refine your messaging, and brand everything.

IN OTHER WORDS- Benefit as much as you like from my Superpowers! I don't charge extra for this work. I thrive on it!




I'll give you a peek at my system, and you'll get answers to all your questions! Schedule a time suitable for you. Here: https://calendly.com/zoomjudy/sixty-minute-consult




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